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About Us - Martkplace Online Grocery Store

Martkplace is an online supermarket in Singapore. We aim to bring groceries easier to you by offering a one stop solution for your household needs. Our speciality is indian grocery and liquor in Singapore.

Have you you ever gone to a supermarket and fret over where to find certain products? Have you ever waited impatiently in long queues at supermarkets just to pay? Martkplace prides itself as a simple and no frills delivery service. We make selection of products easy from payment and delivery. We aim to bring grocery online shopping easier to you which includes an extensive array of Indian groceries.

Why Buy From Us?

  1. We have 57 years of experience in the supermarket business in the form of physical shop in SIn Aik Provision store who is well known for its high standards of freshness of vegetables and fruits.
  2. You are able to select the products at your laptop, tablet and mobile phone, choose to pay with Paypal, credit card, cash-on-delivery, NETs on delivery, or cheque on delivery. Beat the queue and still get the freshest and highest quality products delivered to your house!
  3. If you prefer to order by phone, we take them at +65 63445688 (8am to 8pm).
  4. We deliver your products on the day of order itself if orders come in by 2pm. (except for high volumes of liquor)
  5. If the vegetables or fruits are not fresh on delivery, we will exchange it no questions asked.

We do welcome feedback. Please do not hesitate to email us to feedback on your experience or where you think we can improve. Have a nice day shopping around!

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